Om Marianne

Marianne Chayet är född och uppvuxen i Alingsås. Hon flyttade som 19-åring till Paris för att studera konst vid Academíe de la Grande Chaumière samtidigt blev hon antagen till en kvällskurs vid Academíe des Beaux Arts.

Hon har även studerat tre år vid Gerlesborgsskolan för bl.a. Arne Isacsson.

Marianne arbetar både som fristående konstnär och som kursledare i akvarellmåleri. Hon målar i ateljén på Surbrunnsgatan i Stockholm där hon även leder sina flitigt besökta akvarellkurser.

Hon håller även i sommarkurser på Gotland/Fårö, Irland, Lofoten och i Sydfrankrike.

Marianne har deltagit i ett flertal utställningar, flera av dem jurybedömda, där hon både vunnit priser och fått stipendier. Hennes utställningslista kan göras lång då hon varje år finns representerad på både gallerier och hos privata samlare i Sverige såväl som utomlands.

Marianne söker sig till den vilda och otämjda naturen och återvänder alltid till sina favoritöar, Irland och Gotland. Det speciella ljuset som flödar över dessa öar är magiskt för en akvarellist! De otillgängliga, förtrollande vackra och samtidigt karga landskapen upphör aldrig att fascinera!

About Marianne Chayet

Art studies in France and Sweden 1970-1975.
I have had many successful exhibitions which have attracted a considerable number of private collectors as well as art societies and enterprises from all over the world.

I mostly paint in water media, watercolor and acrylic. Two of my works (murals in acrylic) are permanently exhibited in Ireland, at Letterfrack Lodge.

My art is inspired by direct engagement with nature. I have been fortunate to travel and paint in beautiful places in many exciting countries. Connemara in Ireland is one of the places I love the most.

I’ve always felt I have to create. My inspiration is rooted in the beauty I see around me, the shapes and colours in the sky, the dancing shadows over the mountains, the shimmer of the stones and shells at the beach or the reflections in the water. Light, colour and beauty are everywhere. I am constantly trying to capture the light and the feeling of a place.

The creative process has inspired me to try many media but watercolour painting remains my enduring passion.

I work in my home studio Stockholm, Sweden in wintertime and out in the field as long as the weather permits me to. I also run watercolor courses in Sweden, France, Norway and in Ireland.

If you’d like to drop me an email this is my mail address:

Painting courses

Qualified artist and art teacher gives courses in watercolour painting. With a unique and inspiring method this course is suitable for all levels from beginners to more advanced painters. The studio is located in the center of Stockholm. To form a group I would need at least 5-6 people. I also give private lessons by request. English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguise spoken. Please contact me for further details.


Warmly recommended
Marianne Chayet is a fantastic teacher with tremendous charisma and postitive attitude to her work. She gives attention to each student by highlighting their strengths, encouraging to work on their weaknesses and praises them for their work! Very clever teaching method that must be experienced. I am glad to have experienced a weekend course and will now continue to paint by taking a weekly course with Marianne . I recommend her warmly!
Arpi Rahsepari

Happy artist in Iceland after work.